Organic School Uniforms

Organic School Uniforms
Organic School Uniforms

Organic school uniforms have become popular since the rapid growth of the organic manufacturing industry. These school uniforms are made from organic cotton and use no chemicals in the cotton growing process. The difference is astonishing and since our children wear them all day long, very important to recognize.

Organic is not just a buzzword. Organic is a lifestyle. Long-term commitments by brands and retailers to use organic cotton are driving the development of a new global market. Key changes in the organic cotton market in recent years demonstrate that organic is not just a trend, it is the way of the future. Everywhere you look organic cotton is the fabric of choice. Today, key sectors of the economy such as health, hospitality, and educational industries are choosing organic.

Currently, fabrics contribute to a number of issues which people have come to accept not realizing there is a better way. Everyday fabric tends to not be sweat-absorbent or even allow the skin to breathe. It tends to be coarse and not pleasant to the touch. Worse still, these fabrics are treated with harmful pesticides which will worsen or, even spark skin conditions. That is why we believe it’s particularly vital for kids to wear uniforms made from chemical-free, organically made materials.

Why Organic Cotton?

Cotton is widely thought of to be the best natural cloth. What people are commonly unaware of is the fact that standard cotton-growing is actually the highest in chemical-intensive farming operations within the world.

Cotton uses just about 25% of the world’s pesticides including herbicides, pesticides, and defoliants. It takes roughly 5.5 ounces of chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) to grow enough cotton for only one T-shirt!

Our organic cotton is free from artificial poisons which harms the natural balance of the skin by trapping heat and preventing it from breathing. Organic cotton is stronger and softer than standard cotton while also being hypoallergenic. This leads to a longer lifespan in your care as it is durable enough for everyday use. The chemicals employed in the growing and dying process breaks the fibers down resulting in a weaker garment that most people associate with ill-fitting or tearing.

Environmental Concerns

Conventional cotton production, with its in-depth use of artificial fertilizers and soil additives, wreaks serious havoc on the soil, water, and air of these farming communities. These chemicals spill into local water supplies and food farms and pose long-term health threats to people and animals.

Organic Apparel uses the traditional methods of manufacturing cotton such as spinning, knitting, dyeing, printing, and stitching. They are conducted with adherence to the strict guidelines set forth by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), the international gold customary for organic textiles). The complete production cycle of the product is certified and checked against environmental and social standards. GOTS was developed by leading consumer regulators to outline world-wide recognized needs that guarantee organic standing of textiles, from harvest home of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially accountable producing up to labeling for credible assurance to the buyer.

As a leading organic school uniform manufacturer, Organic Apparel USA has the capacity, know-how, and experience to help schools transition to organic. Organic Apparel USA is a major player in the organic cotton world that has established long-term relationships with world’s largest brands to efficiently promote the importance of using organic cotton products and its benefits to the environment and human health. This makes Organic Apparel USA the ideal Organic School Uniforms Manufacturer for the health of our children and the sustainability of the environment.

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