Organic Women’s Clothing Manufacturer

Organic Women’s Clothing Manufacturer
Organic Women’s Clothing Manufacturer

At Organic Apparel USA we pride ourselves in being ecologically conscious clothing manufacturers. It’s the least we can do, considering how much CO2 is released into the air due to human affairs.

The fashion industry is the second of the most polluting industries in the world. This is because fabrics must go through processes that involve millions of gallons of water. Other processes involve the use of harmful chemicals or dyes and some fabrics are composed of synthetic materials that have microplastics in them that end up in the ocean when you wash them.

Women’s Clothes That Honor Mother Earth

Our mission is to create high quality, beautiful clothing for women that won’t harm our planet. We want to lead by example and prove that sustainable fashion is possible in order to change the industry. We practice a wide range of sustainability throughout all our manufacturing processes – from the farm until it gets to your wardrobe.

We never use pesticides when planting, sowing and maintaining our cotton plants. Taking care of our cotton plants might be the most essential part of this whole process because, without proper care, our women’s clothes wouldn’t be as soft, safe or have love you can feel. This is why we opt out of using chemicals; it’s better for our planet and for the animals that roam around the farm.

We believe in nature’s work when growing raw materials, so we let the animals that want to visit our cotton plants do their thing. Bees are especially hard workers in our farms; they pollinate our crops and keep our plants alive and well.

Water is scarce and we take this seriously. It’s important to save water for generations to come. We depend on rainwater to hydrate our crops and during the manufacturing process. In addition, we only use natural dyes and recycle the water utilized to dye our friendly fabrics. This diminishes our CO2 emissions and saves us water, energy and time.

Benefits Of Women’s Natural Fiber Clothing

By making Organic Apparel USA your go-to clothing manufacturer you will have a guilt-free conscience in this ecological and climate crisis. We strive to be as mindful and aware as possible of how our processes affect our environment and its species.

If you partner with Organic Apparel USA, you will also have the benefit of telling your clients about our ethical processes. This way, more people will become conscious of the environment and be motivated to only economically support sustainable fashion. In effect, unethical fast fashion will squander and sustainable fashion will become the new norm. Yay for Earth!

Respect Your Mother

In our opinion, clothes can only be beautiful if the processes to make it doesn’t harm our planet. There is beauty in our process and in the final product so that you can proudly wear our organic fabrics while honoring the planet you stand on with eco-friendly supply chains.

If you would like to collaborate with us give us a shout. You can contact us through our online portal for anything, questions, comments, feedback or inquiries. Let’s join hands and make this world a better place for the beautiful animals we share the planet with, ourselves, and future generations.

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