Organic Men Clothing Manufacturer

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Organic Men Clothing Manufacturer
Organic Men Clothing Manufacturer

When it comes to evaluating how the organic textile manufacturing sector operates, the most important factor is the sourcing of organic cotton. Without a proper farming and cultivation strategy, this textile sector would be meaningless. There are various ways in which cotton farms can be managed, but producing a truly organic raw material is a process that requires careful handling.

Men’s Clothing Made With Organic Cotton

Fabric and clothing shoppers may not immediately establish the difference between conventional and organic cotton; they can only trust that textile firms are doing their part to source cotton they know has been cultivated using organic principles.

Certification and reputation are the only things that shoppers of men’s clothing made with organic cotton have to rely on, and this is what we have accomplished at Organic Apparel USA. Our textile partners in Turkey, specifically in the Anatolia region, only work with cotton farmers who follow organic cultivation practices.

What Organic Cotton Really Is

According to the research studies conducted by the Organic Trade Association (OTA), conventional cotton uses 2.03 billion pounds of synthetic fertilizers per year. Every t-shirt made of conventional cotton may have involved a quarter pound of these chemicals, and this is before we include the use of pesticides.

The direct exposition of chemicals is often preserved in the fiber of conventional cotton. Furthermore, the farming process of American-grown cotton accounts for more than 50 million pounds of pesticides sprayed on an annual basis. Under these circumstances, the importance of using organic cotton is easy to understand.

Organic Cotton Is a Better Choice For Environment

Organic cotton is the product of a series of cultivation techniques that forego the use of chemicals such as pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers; this requires farmers to resort to ancient methods that require more attention and labor, but they are more in tune with the ecosystem. Instead of using herbicides that can be harmful to the soil, for example, farmers will hire more laborers to eliminate invasive plants by hand.

In some cases, additional trees will have to be planted for the purpose of attracting birds that can keep infestations under control; while this takes away from land that can be farmed for higher crop yields, it promotes a healthier ecosystem.

Using Organic Cotton to Manufacture Men’s Clothing

Now that you know that organic cotton farming requires greater effort, let’s talk about the organic textile industry. The manufacturing of men’s clothing made with organic cotton starts with securing the right textile partner. Organic Apparel USA works with partners that cannot provide as much raw material in comparison to textile houses that use conventional cotton, but we are able to fulfill all our orders because of our industry connections.

When looking for a qualified supplier of organic cotton fabric and garments, you need to be aware of the following:

  • Organic certification of the manufacturer: This certification of organic clothing lines is typically issued by a reputable third-party that has international representation.
  • The product line: Catalogs with photographs and fabric samples must be readily available.
  • Customer service handled by the manufacturer: You basically want to work with a company that can answer your questions about organic cotton sourcing, especially if you request to verify third-party certification of the source or the textile plant.

There are not too many textile companies that work with organic cotton because it is easier for them to partner with providers of conventional cotton. Furthermore, not all of them are able to attract clients who place large orders for organic cotton men’s clothing.

Learn More About Organic Apparel USA

Any questions you may have about our men’s clothing line made with organic cotton can be directed to our office in South Florida. We would love to hear from you, and we are ready to answer your queries about possible order placement.

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