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While we offer a wide variety of clothing and apparel at Organic Apparel USA, we take pride in our organic dog and pet clothing manufacturing services. Our organic clothing is made from sustainably grown textiles and materials such as organic bamboo, soy, hemp, and cotton. We develop our own eco-friendly manufacturing techniques to cater to the safety and comfort of your pet’s needs. We never use harmful chemical bleaches or dyes known to cause allergies and irritations for dogs and cats with sensitive skin. We take private label pet clothing seriously to the last detail, because at Organic Apparel USA, we prioritize quality, comfort, and sustainability.

Organic Private Label Dog Apparel

We accommodate almost all sizes, ages, and dog breeds. From bull terriers to cattle dogs, from large dogs to small dogs and senior dogs to puppies. Currently, our dog clothing line works with any canine from 2-120 lbs. We make sure that the merchandise isn’t only trendy, but also practical so that your pets can continue participating in their regular activities without feeling hindered by the garment. You can buy online or pick up in store the following:

Pet Robes

Very practical for when you just gave your pooch a bath so he doesn’t get you and your bathroom wet as he shakes off the excess water. At Organic Apparel USA, we offer personalized pet robes that can be monogrammed or patterned to your liking.

Dog Sweaters & Dog Hoodies

As the seasons change so do our wardrobes, and we must not forget to keep our pets warm too. We got your pet covered with our comfortable sweaters and hoodies.

Pet Jackets

Sometimes a sweater just won’t cut it. With our jackets your pets will feel that extra warmth and comfort and you’ll never have to leave them behind because “it’s too cold out”.

Designer Dog Clothes

Have your dog be as stylish as you are with our Designer Dog Clothes collection.

Dog Costumes

Dress your dog up for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines or any occasion!

Dog Dresses

Birthday party? Wedding? Special occasions call for special attire. Really bring on the festivities by dressing your pooch.

Pet Knit Sweaters

Sometimes our furry friends are not so furry at all and need an extra layer of love to keep cozy. With our knit sweaters your pets will be warm with a tasteful style.

Are we missing anything? Please contact us if you would like to have your garments custom made.

Why We Love Manufacturing Pet Clothing

As you probably know, animals belong in natural habitats but with the expansion of civilization and industrialization, natural environments are rapidly decreasing. This means that other animals are displaced and forced to relocate to accommodate man’s need to create more urban spaces. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) estimates that there are nearly 78.2 million dogs and 84.6 million cats kept as pets by people.

In addition, this number is expected to increase with each year. We are relieved there’s an increase in these numbers, for this means fewer animals will have to face the terrible conditions found
in animal shelters or even worse, the streets.

We absolutely love animals and understand how important it is for them to adapt to a modern lifestyle. We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your pet to do so. The natural instincts of dogs, cats and other kinds of animals have altered during the process of evolution.

Animals and men have developed a closer relationship to the extent we have domesticated them and made them our pets. After this significant break, we have it our full responsibility to provide comfortable and stylish clothing for your pets.

Organic Textiles Ethically Made

At Organic Apparel USA, we are very conscious about the environment. This is why we grow our own cotton, using composting systems instead of harmful fertilizers. Organic farming is not only beneficial for you and your pet but also for the world. We are pesticide-free and do not use any type of toxic chemicals. Being pesticide free helps reduces pollution, increases soil fertility, uses less energy and won’t harm the animals that roam near our farm. This makes us one of the safest options for dressing your furry friends with sensitive skin.

At Organic Apparel USA, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our clothes are high quality and ethically made since our organic textile is derived from 100% certified organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and soy, we are eco friendly and love animals. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to collaborate together.

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