Custom Manufacturing Booklet

Our customers can create their own labeled brands by processing customer friendly 4 steps.

Step 1. Quote

The first phase of custom manufacturing is an Approximate Quote.

Organic Apparel USA offers two different types of custom manufacturing quotes in order to obtain needs of custom manufacturing industry.

  • Organic Apparel USA customers can choose a model from our designs and they can change it according to their needs.
  • Organic Apparel USA customers can provide us their own designs (pattern, drawing, picture).

You can email us these specs.

In order to process your quotes, please do not forget to write your name, company name, address, and telephone number.

 Step 2. Payment Terms

If Quote is accepted, Organic Apparel USA requires a Sample Manufacturing fee. This fee will range between $1,000 and $5,000 in total for multiple samples.

After we receive the payment, manufacturing the sample according to customer’s critique begins.

When the sample manufacturing ends and customer receives the final Production Sample 70% of the total amount (by wire) will be required from the customer to start manufacturing the custom fabric needed for the order.

When the payment is received, Organic Apparel USA will complete order.

Before shipping the product, independent audits (inspectors) check the quality of the finished products.

30% of the remaining payment will be required from the customer prior to shipping. (L/C, Wire)


Step 3. Sample Manufacturing

In order to minimize the risks due to the many complicated production processes in our industry, we give great importance to Sample Manufacturing Process.

Before we start manufacturing your complete order, we will be manufacturing samples according to your needs.

When Organic Apparel USA makes the first sample, we are primarily concerned with the fit.

–  We ship the sample and measurement lists to our customers.

– Customer notifies us of their adjustments.

– Organic Apparel USA manufactures another sample until we nail the fit down.

Pinning, cutting, taping and otherwise marking your sample and returning it to us is a good method of communicating your adjustments or you can send your critics via email.

Include as many notes and sketches as necessary.

We will re manufacture the sample according to our customer’s critics and adjustments and meanwhile Organic Apparel USA is manufacturing the samples, we have to keep going on the fabric and accessories details.

Organic Apparel USA will send various types of accessories and labels for our customers to get inspire from them.

Organic Apparel USA will be supplying various types of fabric sheets for our customers to choose which is suitable for the design.

Once the sample is finalized, we make a Production Sample and ship it to our customers.

The production sample is exactly what your production will look like, and becomes the benchmark and standard.

Production Sample’s fabric, model, accessories, color, labels will be the same as our customers approved in the sample manufacturing process.

After receiving the full order, our customers have a pattern to check the quality and other details.

If the full order is not exactly as same as Production Sample, Organic Apparel USA kindly takes the products back and start re-manufacturing the order.

Please note that;

On First Sampling, we often use substitute fabrics in order to keep your costs down. For example, this would be true if you were intending to use a custom knitted fabric, a particularly expensive fabric, or a special order fabric.

Original fabric, accessories will be used with production sample and minor revisions may be made without the need for re-sampling.


Step 4.  Shipping

Our customers can also customize the shipping; they can choose to ship by Air or via Sea.

Our representatives will be informing our clients about the rates.

Organic Apparel USA will ship the products, custom clears them and deliver to your warehouse at our customers cost.

Custom Manufacturing Process of Organic Apparel USA is customer friendly.

Imagine a process where our customers only have to approve the sample products which we ship them. They do not deal with complications, manufacturing, quality control, errors, shipping; custom clearance and they don’t deal with delivery to their warehouse. They just approve and critique what we do. This is the ideal business relationship in custom apparel manufacturing.

Contact us if you would like to order custom clothing.