Organic Apparel USA Vision

Our vision is, always being in touch with nature, technology and human beings and tries to relate them in           a harmony with our uniquely manufactured products. This ultimate vision of ours is a guideline for us in every step that we have taken and we will take.

In the direction of our mission, we tried to upgrade our standards since the establishment of Organic Apparel USA. We have tried so hard to get the following certificates; Skal Certificate, Gots Certificate, Azofree Certificate, Oeko-tex Standard 100 Yarn Dying Certificate, Oeko-tex Standard 100 Fabric Dying Certificate, Iso 9001 Certificate, Eko Certificate, Organic Dying Certificate, Organic Yarn Certificate which are explained in a detailed way under “Organic Certificates” label. Added to those certifications, Code of Conduct Policies is established in all our production facilities which are also clarified under “Code of Conduct Rules” label.

The certifications that we have gotten so far are the proof of our commitment to our vision. These certificates constitute bridges between nature and technology and the manufactured products of ours are going through that bridge. Organic Apparel USA’s vision and the improvements that we have are made in the light of the vision that is to create harmony and perfect combination in the relations of our indicators; nature, technology and human beings.

To keep up the balance between the relevant 3 indicators is a difficult job and all the actions that we have taken tries to stabilize the balance. To guarding this balance between nature, technology and human beings comes from the source of our constitution and the motivation behind our vision, our guardianship comes from the care for all living life.

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