Organic Apparel USA Mission

As Organic Apparel USA, our mission is to improve the standards of the organic manufacturing sector by our uniquely qualified products. We have already been trying to do this since 1998 when the company was founded. We have some core values to accomplish this mission.

  • Manufacturing Excellent Quality Products

We have a modern and also classic style of manufacturing. This great combination is done with the help of years of expertise in manufacturing industry. Well combination of modern and classic styles, goes through the well communication and mutual understanding with our clients. Our clients are like our partners and we care about them as we care about our products. We work closely with our clients and try to manufacture the best unique product in line with the mixture of their demands and our expertise. The uppermost priority of Organic Apparel USA is to supply only the best manufacturing quality process with code of conduct standards.

  • Simplified Custom Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing industry has a complicated production process and there is always a risk to make mistakes in this complicated process. As Organic Apparel USA, we develop a way, to make things simplifier for our customers and also for ourselves, that is called “Sample Manufacturing Process”. This sampling process is a great help to minimize the production errors and misunderstandings and also enables our clients satisfied. The product is identified by our clients in a detailed way during the sampling process and the original product rises without any kind of surprises.

  • Customer Service and Consultation

We are proud of our customer service understanding and the practices in the light of this understanding. To have communicated with Organic Apparel USA is very accessible; we are offering 5 different ways for having a direct communication under the Contact Us label. We are proud to provide the information flow, quick response, on-time delivery; fine packaging and no-hassle return policy. Our experience enables us to forecast the requirements of establishing a clothing brand and with the help of this experience we are able to give our customers what they want by consulting them during the process of production.


These values are located at the heart of all the process of our manufacturing. We give great importance to quality but also we have competitive prices because we want to share our quality.

We want to communicate the ones who are suffering from the lack of quality because we also have a desire to share our unique products.

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