Organic Apparel USA Difference

Organic Apparel USA shows its quality and difference in every phase of its manufacturing process. Firstly, the customization of your order is up to you. You can choose an existing model from our designs and we can modify the current design in the direction of your demand and you can also provide your own designs and we can manufacture quality products from your design. In both cases; you are free to use, print, brand label initials, logos or anything that you wish to. There is no restriction about this, we just want you to get your ideal products and the difference of Organic Apparel USA rises from this point.

Added to that, we have a special application called “Sample Manufacturing Process” structured for reducing the production errors and also for avoiding the waste of raw materials. This process is started when we have an agreement on the design of your product, then instead of total order quantity; we manufacture the samples of the product. In the direction of your feedback, the sample is again manufactured and presented to you and upon your approval; we start to manufacture the original order quantity with the exact same features of the approved sample and your order will be delivered in six to twelve weeks after your production sample approval.

Moreover, we are dedicate ourselves to find the best cotton providers and we found themselves in Turkey because Turkey is a leading market in the global cotton industry and the cotton is the primary element in quality products. We manufacture our unique products from the Legendary Turkish Cotton which only grows in Anatolian lands and these unique and special raw materials of us differentiate Organic Apparel USA from our rivalries.

Organic Apparel USA difference shows itself in every step of it takes and its difference is accepted in multinational arena. The most appreciated authorities approved our manufacturing process; our products and facilities are certified by these authorities. You can analyze our certifications in a more detailed way from “Organic Certification” label.

You can trust in Organic Apparel USA’s difference because we trust in ourselves. We guarantee you that, there is no place for unpleasant surprises in our manufacturing process. You will get what exactly you want because we respect your choices and your tastes. Organic Apparel USA tries to do its best when the subject comes to the customer satisfaction and this makes a huge difference in the manufacturing sector.

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