No Child Labor Manufacturer

Child labor is seen nearly every industries. It is tried to be terminated and there are some regulations provided to stop this abuse. The general characteristics of child labor can be listed as; violation of relevant nation’s age laws, threat the physical, mental or emotional well-being of children, preventing children to go schools, using children by damaging labor standards and also includes the intolerable abuse of children.

We are sensitive about this issue and we take serious measurements and apply the regulation strictly. In all the production facilities of Organic Apparel USA, child labor shall not be used.  This is stated in the 4th provision of The Code of Conduct Rules as:


4. 1 There shall be no new recruitment of child labour.

4. 2 Companies shall develop, or participate in, and contribute to policies and programmes which provide for the transition of any child found to be performing child labour, to enable her or him to attend and remain in quality education until no longer a child; “child” and “child labour” being defined in the appendices.

4. 3 Children and young persons under 18 shall not be employed at night or in hazardous conditions.

4. 4 These policies and procedures shall conform to the provisions of the relevant ILO standards.

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