Fair Trade Clothing Manufacturer

Organic Apparel USA is a Fair Trade Clothing Manufacturer.

Fair Trade means fair goods for everyone and it has a certification system to allow the ones, whose products are agreed environmental, labor and developmental standards, to identify their products. The setting body of Fair Trade is Fair Trade International (http://www.fairtrade.net/).

Fair Trade is another approach to the issue of trade and the partnership between producer and consumer. This new approach includes and based on dialogue, transparency and respect in the relationship between the producer and the consumer. Some main principles can be listed as; market access for marginalized producers, sustainable and equitable trading relationships, capacity building and empowerment, consumer awareness raising and advocacy. All they are humane principles that add value to the relationship between producer and consumer.  It is also offered as a “social contract” and this offering is originated from the definition of society by Jean Jacque Rousseau. Fair Trade is a sincere help to balance the relationships in the society and through being one of the most aware Fair Trade Manufacturer, Organic Apparel USA has a contribution.

You can access a Charter of Fair Trade Principles issued in 2009 from here http://www.fairtrade-advocacy.org/images/stories/FTAO_charters_3rd_version_EN_v1.2.pdf

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