About Us

About Us

The organic textile industry has been evolving ever since the wake of environmental consciousness. The effects of conventional manufacturing techniques and industrial processes have been recognized as harmful towards the atmosphere and natural environment. This has inspired people in the industry to be more conscious and adapt to more sustainable methods of manufacturing.

Organic Apparel USA is one of the most qualified organic clothing manufacturers in the industry. Our customers love collaborating with us for numerous reasons:

  • Our core values are aligned to abide by the standards of sustainable fashion. We understand that the production of clothes should not harm any living being. Do you wish to learn more about why Organic Apparel USA has joined the ecological movement? Take a look at our homepage.
  • Choosing us as your textile manufacturer will benefit you more than you can imagine. Our products are known for being of the utmost excellent quality. We utilize a simplified custom manufacturing process. Organic Apparel also has a well-disposed customer service team that can answer your questions. In addition, consultation experts assist with projects so that our mission unites with our vision.
  • Organic Apparel USA is the perfect example of what every clothing manufacturer should strive to be.Our vision is to consistently engage with nature, technology and the well-being of humans and the planet. We integrate these elements into our brand by having a symbiotic relationship with Mother Nature. After all, she makes our business possible so we try to give back to her at the same rate we take.
  • At Organic Apparel USA we are present in all phases of the manufacturing process, from harvesting to packaging. We have included an extra step in our process to improve our execution. We offer sample manufacturing so that our clients can have a feel for what they’ll get and avoid bad surprises.
  • Integrity forms a big part in our identity as an organic textile company. We have numerous certificates proving us to be one of the most ethical and honest clothing manufacturers in the industry. Click on the link to take a gander on our certifications and qualifications.
  • How we approach manufacturing is just as important as the process itself. At Organic Apparel USA we are responsible and value equity. This is why we implement a Code of Conduct in all of our facilities.
  • Organic Apparel USA takes pride in being Fair Trade We oppose the use of Child Labor.

At Organic Apparel USA we do our best to work diligently whilst always remaining cohesive with our values. We respect nature and want our customers to see that applying sustainable practices into the textile industry is not only possible. Organic Apparel also wants to show these practices are essential for a brighter and greener future.

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  • Joanne L Montalvo Posted September 2, 2020 4:05 am

    Do you provide kids clothing.

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