Custom Clothing Process

The title of the process may seem complicated and this complexion makes you hesitate to start. Yes it is not a simple process but with the help of good guidance and step by step communicated progress, the process moves smoothly and the results would be satisfied.

There are 4 main steps in the Custom Clothing Process of Organic Apparel USA, let’s go through them to understand the process.

The first step is “QUOTE”.

The process starts in the minute when you request quote from us. At this point, we offer you two options. You can either choose a model from our designs or change it in according to your needs or you can provide us your own design.

We evaluate the issue and make you an offer and if the quote is accepted, then we passed to second step of Custom Clothing Process that is “PAYMENT TERMS”.

We require “sample manufacturing” fee which is a fair price in between 50 and 200. When we get the payment of yours, sample manufacturing process starts. When the process ends, we send you the samples. If the samples are approved by you, then the production of whole order begins. If you do not feel satisfied with the sample, then you have chance to see another sample shaped by your edits. Organic Apparel USA, work on your critics and another sample product is manufactured and presented to your approval. When you approve, the %60 of the total amount is required from you and %40, remaining payment, is required from you prior to shipping (step 4).  As we agreed, when we get the %60 of the payment, another step emerges “PRODUCTION”.

In this production process, you have no duty or obligation, this process is in the hands of Organic Apparel USA. However, the one thing that we please from you is your availability for communicate with us.

The step 4 is “SHIPPING”.

Before your order has been shipped, independent audits (inspectors) check the products for quality. We ship your order and require the left %40 of payments for your order (You can also customize your shipping. You can choose to ship by Air or via SEA).

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