There are many questions are occurred in the minds of people who are searching for Custom Clothing Process or How To Get Clothes Manufactured. As Organic Apparel USA, we try to provide you satisfactory services and answer to your confusions such as Where To Start a Clothing Brand, How To Start a Clothing Brand or Wholesale Organic Clothing.

You are at the right address to get detailed and clear answers all about organic manufacture, High Quality Clothing Manufacturer and also Private Label Manufacturer. If you have further questions, please look at I Need Help page and CONTACT US.

  • How can I customize my order?

As Organic Apparel USA, we offer 2 different types of custom manufacturing in order to obtain the needs of custom manufacturing industry. The first way is:

You can choose a model from our designs and you can change it in the direction of your need. You can take a look at our unique designs


You also can provide us your own design such as pattern, drawing, picture, logo, sketch to be appareled.

You can also customize;

Color (All colors from the scale)

Fabric Type (Organic, Non Organic, cotton etc.)

Fabric Quality (Weight, thread count etc.)

Embroidery (Color, type, logo etc.)

Bordure (Color, type, logo etc.)

Model (Designs, types etc.)

Model Measurements (Length, Width etc.)

Accessories ( Button, Snap etc.)

Labels (Brand Label, Hang Tag etc.)

Packaging (Bow type, measurements etc.)

Shipping Type (Via Air or By Sea)

Delivery Point (Country, City, Port Address)

of your apparel.

  • What is your minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity that we prefer is 400 per color/model up to 5 different sizes available. However, please do not hesitate to contact us even if you have another suggestion.

  • Can I put my own brand label on the products?

Of course, you can. Our customers can embroider print, brand label their initials, logos or the name of their company. In shortly, you can put everything about your brand on the products that we produce with full of trust.

  • What is delivery time?

The delivery time of the orders varies between 4 to 6 weeks right after the last sample approval process. For more information, please look at Sample Production Process.

  • Where does the manufacturing take place?

The manufacturing of Organic Apparel USA takes place in Turkey, the only center of Anatolian Cotton.

  • Why are the manufacturing facilities located in Turkey?

The manufacturing facilities of Organic Apparel USA located in Turkey because of the quality of Turkish Cotton is indisputable. As you know, cotton is the primary element in the qualified products and Turkey is the leading market in the global cotton industry. Legendary Turkish Cotton is a unique and premium material with extra long, resistant and soft fiber which is only grown in Anatolian lands, the major trade route between East and the West, in Turkey.

  • How the designs of your customers are protected?

The designs and rights of our customers and as well as ours, are protected by signing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and have mutual agreement on NOT TO sharing any information with the third parties.

  • Is there a Sample Manufacturing Process?

Yes, Organic Apparel USA provides a professional Sample Manufacturing Process to avoid any complications that may occur during the production process. That is why, before manufacturing the complete order of our customer, the sample products are manufactured.

The sample products are manufactured in concerning about measurements, fabric quality and weight. When the sample product is finalized we present you the sample and receive your feedbacks to manufacture another sample. The second sample is presented, if you are satisfied with it, right after your approval; we start manufacturing the complete order with the exact same specifications of the approved sample. This Sample Manufacturing Process helps us to eliminate any errors and disappointments in the final order.

  • What are the shipment methods?

In the direction of your choice, your orders can be shipped via Air or Sea freight.

  • What are the payment terms?

When you receive the final Production Sample at the end of sample manufacturing process, 60% of the total amount is due. When you make this payment, Organic Apparel USA begins the manufacturing process of the complete order.

Before the complete order is shipped to you, the independent auditors (inspectors) check the quality of the end products.

Then, %40 of the remaining payment is required from you before shipping.

You are free to choose the payment type ( L/C, Wire, Money Order).

  • What certificates does Organic Apparel USA have?

Organic Apparel USA has many of the certifications from different authorities which can be listed as;

SKAL Certificate

GOTS Certificate

Organic Exchange Certificate (for organic cotton as well as bamboo products)

Azo free Certificate

Oeko-tex Standard 100 Yarn Dying Certificate

Oeko-tex Standard 100 Fabric Dying Certificate

ISO 9001

Organic Dying Certificate

Organic Yarn Certificate

For the detailed explanation about the certifications of Organic Apparel USA, please visit Organic Certificates page.

Noted, No Child Labor Policies and Code of Conduct Policies are established in all our production facilities.

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