Wholesale Cotton Bed Sheets for Hotels

Wholesale Cotton Bed Sheets for Hotels
Wholesale Cotton Bed Sheets for Hotels

Good wholesale bed linens distributors are hard to come by. When you finally find someone who is willing to sell bed sheets wholesale, there’s a good chance that they use a number of dangerous dyes and possibly even synthetic fabrics. If you’re trying to reach an eco-conscious clientele, then you’re probably going to want to steer clear of these kinds of sheets.

Fortunately, Organic Apparel USA has partnered with wholesale bed sheets suppliers in USA warehouses to bring you the option of buying large numbers of sheets in bulk. Resellers are also free to place orders for organic sheets, which can then be shipped to their high-end clients.

The difference between these and the garden variety sheets you might see in most of the hospitality industry is in the fabrics used.

Benefits of Working with Natural Hotel Linen Suppliers

Organic cotton is grown from seeds that have not been genetically modified and it’s only ever cultivated with natural fertilizers. That makes it an attractive fabric for those who want to make any number of products, but it’s especially useful for bedding. At the same time, bamboo sheets have started to take the industry by storm.

Wholesale Hotel Bed Sheets

You might think that cloth made from bamboo fibers must be a rather scratchy affair, but there are ways to weave it into a soft material that’s excellent for bedding. Best of all, bamboo is even less environmentally intensive than cotton. Both tend to be competitive organic materials as far as price is concerned, which is important for those who buy bed sheets wholesale. Organic hotel linen suppliers are also able to purchase large numbers of sheets made from either fabric at a comparatively low price point, so you shouldn’t have to worry about either hurting your margins or, alternatively, overcharging your own clientele.

Wholesale bed sheets suppliers in USA can work with our organization to secure a supply of bulk hotel sheets, which they can then distribute because it doesn’t take all that much lead time to produce them compared to other products. You may not have to wait all that much longer than you would when ordering synthetic materials. That should certainly help entice those who are currently on the fence about finally making the switch to something more natural.

Wholesale Bed Linens Distributors

Sleepwear and bedding professionals have come up with a number of new ways to use bamboo fibers, which is why these sheets are getting softer every day. As they also rediscover a little traditional wisdom, many sewing and weaving-related workflows are getting refined. It’s helping to make a more gentle product.

Whether you’re looking at selling bulk hotel sheets or you need to place a massive order to fulfill the needs of your own hospitality service, our organization is here to help. We’ll be happy to hook you up with all the information you’ll need to start placing orders. Contact us online today and our knowledgeable representatives will be there to help. You can also request a free quote.

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