Which Criteria Should Be Prioritized To Select Clothing Manufacturers In The USA?

Which Criteria Should Be Prioritized To Select Clothing Manufacturers In The USA?
Which Criteria Should Be Prioritized To Select Clothing Manufacturers In The USA?

Clothing produced by manufacturers that harm the planet and people in order to provide cheap prices to the consumer is called “fast fashion.” Fast fashion devastates our world and is harmful to people and animals. On the other hand, sustainable fashion focuses on the well-being of the Earth and the well-being of everyone involved in designing, selling, and purchasing sustainable fashion.

The Main Criterias To Select Clothing Manufacturers

You want to choose a clothing manufacturer that focuses on producing clothing using sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion is better for the Earth, people, animals, and the consumer. Sustainable fashion is about using organic farming practices, paying fair wages, fair treatment of workers, reducing waste, and reducing the carbon footprint that normally goes into fast fashion.

The Importance of Working With Reliable Clothing Manufacturers

Sustainable Fashion Is Better For The Earth

Fast fashion is responsible for 10 percent of all emissions. It’s sad that it took a pandemic and lockdowns to show the drastic difference in how emissions pollute our skies. 

Each fast fashion garment wastes hundreds of gallons of water in its production. Harmful chemicals used in standard farming cause problems for the soil and people, and the remaining chemicals spill over into waterways. Dyes, heavy metals, salts, and carcinogenic chemicals further destroy our waterways.

Sustainable fashion focuses on organic farming, safe methods of drying clothes, and using less water. The process is either carbon-neutral or has reduced its carbon footprint drastically. It does not pollute our skies or waters, is safe for marine life and helps to leave the Earth in good condition or at least, inhibit the amount of harm it receives.

Sustainable Fashion Is Better for Communities

Fast fashion focuses on seeking the cheapest way possible to mass produce clothing. The production of cheap clothing means that the people who farm, make the clothing and provide other services for the sake of fast fashion are paid low wages. These low wages keep them stuck in poverty and expose them to harmful conditions. It’s not uncommon to see children wading through water with trash or see workers exposed to harmful chemicals.

Manufacturers who focus on sustainable fashion also focus on fair trade practices and provide total transparency in all of their operations. Workers are paid better wages and are not exposed to harmful chemicals or conditions. They work decent hours. Fair trade also ensures that people are not discriminated against or otherwise exploited.

Sustainable Fashion Is Better For Everyone’s Health

We’re affected by fast fashion’s pollutants in many ways. Fast fashion’s smog pollutes our bodies daily. Despite the fact that cotton is a naturally-sourced fiber, it is often stripped of its foliage with chemicals. 

Chemicals, such as oil of vitriol, sulfonamides, halogens, detergents and bromine are used. Your body’s largest organ is your skin, which means you consistently expose your skin and the rest of your body to these chemicals every time you wear your favorite t-shirt (unless it’s made using sustainable fashion practices).

With the reduction of chemicals in the growth and production of clothing, you know that sustainable fashion reduces the amount of chemicals you are exposed to–by air, water and otherwise. Without toxins in the air and water or directly touching your skin, your body can experience newfound health. You might notice that you don’t feel as tired, experience headaches, suffer from brain fog or have other issues when you wear sustainable fashion clothing.

Is It Worth Working With Manufacturers That Are Planted in Long-Distance Locations?

Fast fashion creates more pollution than vehicles several times over. Purchasing sustainable clothing from a long-distance location is greatly offset by the company’s sustainable practices. 

More companies are switching to sustainable delivery practices. In addition, there is a move around the globe to increase the production of electric vehicles. We’re steadily moving toward sustainable delivery all around.

How Can I Find Manufacturers That Are Affordable?

Sustainable fashion is very affordable. Some are higher priced, but most sustainable fashion companies offer a wide range of fashion choices from low to high prices. When you choose high quality sustainable fashion pieces, you know you’re purchasing items that will go well with your wardrobe. They also are good for the planet. 

Prepare For Sustainable Manufacturing In The Long-Term With Organic Apparel

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