Customizable Wholesale Fashion Scarves

Customizable Wholesale Fashion Scarves
Customizable Wholesale Fashion Scarves

Have you ever had a customer ask you for a certain product that didn’t exist? It’s not a fun experience in-person. Online, you can politely tell someone “no” and offer alternatives; when working at a booth or a storefront, you have to let down a potential client gently.

For instance, you have a line of beautifully designed scarves in an array of diverse patterns and designs on display. And yet, there’s that one customer who approaches you asking for that one color, that one pattern that you don’t have in stock. Maybe the reason you don’t have it in stock is that you’re sold out of that particular product.

In the best-case scenario, they place an order on the product that’s out of stock. That means you salvage an awkward situation. In the worst case, the customer will leave, muttering that they can find an equivalent online.

Alternatively, the fashion scarf just doesn’t exist. No one has made a particular scarf embroidered with endangered moths or characters from a video game. Perhaps they want a material that manufacturers won’t use.

Whatever the situation, you find yourself at a demanding customer’s mercy. No business owner or employee likes being placed in that impossible position. Neither does the customer.

Changing This Situation

You have several options when a customer demands a scarf, shawl wrap, or other fashionable apparel that you don’t carry. One is writing them off as a customer. Sometimes you can’t please everyone. In some cases, you shouldn’t please anyone.

Another option is listening to them, and deciding if you can make the scarf that doesn’t exist, to satisfy that demand. You would prefer the latter if given the opportunity and resources. Satisfy a customer, and it’s likely they’ll buy from you for lunch.

When it comes to fashion scarves Organic Apparel USA, a textile manufacturer located in South Florida, can help. We will design custom scarves in whatever kind of pattern you can imagine and in a variety of colors. Furthermore, our high-end fashion scarves are available at wholesale prices, so you’ll be able to purchase them in a bulk amount at the most affordable rate per unit.

Be Your Own Fashion Designer

Create your own unique line of custom couture scarves exclusive to your store! Design a pattern that is unique to your brand and style. Make it the most coveted and limited line of scarves in the fashion market. You need to figure out the “what” to get to the “most coveted” part, but you can do it. Countless other designers have.

First, what do you want to put into the world? Fashion is a competitive industry, so you need to figure out if you can incorporate your desires into the fabrics you use. Also, you need to see if you can be a shark and compromise on your creativity. Prepare to swim, or you will sink to the bottom.

Second, who is your target market? Study supply and demand, and what people like. You need to do your research and identify your target audience. They can be a demographic of men or women or specialty scarf buyers. If you want to get ambitious, you can make eBay scarf resellers your target market.

Third, what can you offer in the world of fashion that your competitors can’t? Not an easy answer, because there are dozens. You have to determine a competitive advantage that plays on aesthetics or identity, and where you can make your mark.

When people buy scarves, to wear or resell, some look for what catches the eye and looks different. Others look for specific hand-rolled edges and other design facets. Still more people like the stories behind scarves, if they were woven by women in Cambodia working to improve their lives.

You need to figure out how to draw people’s attention to your designs, whether by the designs themselves or the stories. If you can match china pattern designs or hand-roll your ages, you may have found your niche. Or you can tell a spellbinding story about the scarves’ origins, a true one, that gets customers interested. Don’t lie, first and foremost. People will catch you, and any goodwill you build will scatter and disintegrate.

Let’s set the record straight: when you start, your brand name is your only commodity. That name can potentially lack years of experience in connecting with customers. You can’t be Hermes, because only Hermes will sell their signature scarves. But you can be someone else: a quirky designer, a colorful artist, or a practical lady.

The Benefit of Buying Wholesale

As a business owner, whether you are operating a brick and mortar or online store—maybe even both, it’s absolutely imperative that you purchase your product in bulk. In the fashion industry, it might be a challenge to do this, especially if you’re trying to put out an exclusive product because designers tend to sell their items at a generous price.

With Organic Apparel USA, you can be a designer and take advantage of our wholesale prices! So not only will you be able to cut the expense of paying the designer, but also you’re also able to create your own unique line of fashion products at a discount price. As a result, you can sell your fashion scarves at the same price as any high-quality scarf with the exception that your profit margin might be a bit profitable than your competitors.

You can also adjust to different types of markets. At conventions with smaller booths, you can stock the right amount of scarves for projected costs and profits. If you are selling online, you can offer select products based on your storage, and what people seem to click on your landing page.

Organic Apparel Can Help You Figure These Facets Out.

Organic Apparel USA line of Shawlbliss scarves is made of 100% Pashmina and versatile enough to be worn as a shawl or headdress. It’s a lightweight fabric. That means it can be worn throughout the four seasons.

If you live in a cooler climate and think that you’d do better selling fashion scarves specifically for outerwear, then speak to an Organic Apparel USA representative to discuss what kind of material would work best for outerwear. Get a free consultation about how we can manufacture your custom scarves in bulk.

Reach out to us today. We look forward to working with you soon!

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