Sample Manufacturing Process. A Necessary Step in Becoming an Apparel Brand

Sample Manufacturing Process. A Necessary Step in Becoming an Apparel Brand
Sample Manufacturing Process. A Necessary Step in Becoming an Apparel Brand

It is crucial to have an apparel sample before committing to a large production order of your design. Without a sample product, there is no reference or prototype. This leaves too much room for error and poor quality control when manufacturing on a large scale

Explaining your vision of the apparel design. 

Sample manufacturing proves that your manufacturing partner is aligned with your expectations. You have a vision as to how your apparel product will look and feel. When you selected an apparel manufacturing partner, they gave you their confidence that they could build your apparel product. Apparel proves that your apparel manufacturer can execute your vision.

Receiving the right apparel product.

You may receive multiple rounds of apparel samples in order to get to the perfect one. To keep these units organized, you should sign and date the physical sample. This eliminates the risk of anyone tampering or altering the apparel sample. In addition, having a date on the physical apparel piece allows you to easily identify the most recent one from your apparel manufacturer.


Getting the exact quotation from the manufacturer.

Keep in mind that sample manufacturing is not just for clients. The apparel manufacturers can also derive estimates of yarn consumption for the development of fabric, dyeing, printing, and stitching cost for a particular style or pattern given by the buyer. Companies can have a separate sample manufacturing department or a merchandiser, who works closely with the sample manufacturing section to source raw materials, as well as the processes for developing a quality product for an affordable price.

Receiving the final pre-production apparel samples from the manufacturer.

Pre-production apparel samples are made in the production department after approval. They are made with the actual fabrics, trimmings, and accessories that will be used in a potential order. After the buyer gives a full and final approval, the actual apparel production can proceed.

Here is a video that explains the importance of sample manufacturing. 


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