How To Dominate Your Apparel Market With Your Niche Apparel Product

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How To Dominate Your Apparel Market With Your Niche Apparel Product
How To Dominate Your Apparel Market With Your Niche Apparel Product

How To Dominate Your Apparel Market With Your Niche Apparel Product

Do you have a niche product? Then you want to find ways to stand out within the apparel market. We have a few strategies listed below:

Create A Catchy Slogan For Your Apparel Product

Come up with a tagline, slogan, or rallying cry that would connect emotionally with your target market. People want to remember phrases that reflect branding.

For example, if you are targeting a female audience who loves to wear organic clothing, rally them with a common cause. One example is “go green”. Or perhaps “Wear The Power” could be a great tagline that is catchy and also add a different dimension to your core apparel brand.

 Use Social Media And Tell Your Story

Everyone knows to use social media for marketing their apparel brands. The difficulty comes in not knowing how to use social media effectively. Social media ROI is very low, at least in the short term. Unless you play the long game, you will waste time and money on social media.

The best way to approach social media as a marketing tool is to consider it as a storytelling medium. Users want high-quality narratives with the potential for emotional investment.

How can do you do that?

Construct a robust brand story and then think of ways to tell that story on your social media channels. Every post, tweet, share, or like has to align with your apparel brand story. They must express the apparel brand’s personality. For this to happen, formulate your apparel brand story as a series of expressive ideas.

Use Giveaway Campaigns

Giveaway campaigns are very powerful and if done properly can result in a ton of exposure for your apparel brand during the first 4 weeks of launch. During this critical initial period, it is all about gaining brand exposure. Most businesses look for sales and do not think of the bigger picture. Don’t get me wrong. Sales are important but during launch and even, later on, brand exposure should trump short-term sales.

Come up with unique ideas for giveaways. This could be your own apparel products or other prizes. Promote the giveaway campaign heavily on your website, social media channels, and other PR accounts.

Find The Right Influencer On Social Media As Your Apparel Brand Ambassador

If you have the capital to go after well-known celebrities, that is great. If not then don’t wait to earn enough money to consider celebrity endorsement strategies.

Scour social media and identify up-and-coming talent that aligns with your brand. Talk to influencers about cross-promotion. Nurture and encourage talent. When they do make it big, your brand gets the exposure that would be hard to achieve in other ways. This may sound like a difficult strategy but it is guaranteed to give you an awesome ROI.

Many clothing and fashion brands partner with social media influencers to reach their target audience. For instance, Calvin Klein sponsored Lauren Elizabeth who has over 1.2 million followers on YouTube. She created a video about her morning routine. Elizabeth shows off her Calvin Klein underwear while casually talking about her routine on-camera.

Unless you have a huge marketing budget, the best place to begin your brand marketing journey is online. With some guerilla marketing techniques and some old-fashioned hard work, you can reach your target market and generate enough interest in the brand to create a snowballing effect.

Here is a video of How to Dominate your apparel market with your Niche apparel product.

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