Vegan Clothing Manufacturers In The USA

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Vegan Clothing Manufacturers In The USA
Vegan Clothing Manufacturers In The USA

There is a general trend in the US and worldwide to adopt safer practices in the fashion industry. Manufacturers wish to avoid waste, treat all people fairly, avoid destroying the ground, water, and air, promote fair trade, reduce carbon footprints and create a better world. In addition, people are looking to own less and do more. With all this effort in creating better practices, more and more people are opting for vegan clothing.

What Is Vegan Clothing?

Vegan clothing doesn’t use anything from an animal, such as their wool, mohair, skin, or anything else, in clothing production. However, vegan clothing goes beyond this to ensure that animals aren’t harmed in clothing production. Such hazards can include cutting an animal’s life short of creating clothing or breeding them in a certain way to produce more skin. This can also include performing certain practices that are painful, such as mutilation, while they are being raised.

The Problems With Using Animals for Clothing

Vegan clothing is against any animal dying or being maltreated to make clothing. Even in farms that “humanely raise” animals to slaughter and use their bodies for apparel, it cuts the animal’s life short and deprives the animal of an entire and happy life.

Let’s take a look at sheep, for example. Even if you have clothing that is made from something, like wool, you can argue that it is depriving sheep of their protection from cold temperatures. While many would argue that a sheep is typically sheared in the warmer months, another issue with this is that sheep have been bred to have an excessive amount of skin. This increases the amount of wool they have, but this also makes them miserable.

There are many other practices in raising sheep, such as mulesing, which is cruel. Mulesing is the process of cutting a sheep’s behind to create a smooth surface to prevent maggot infestation, but it’s painful and does not prevent other issues, like flystrike. Many other animals suffer different conditions. By switching to non-animal sources for clothing, you can help to create an animal cruelty-free world and feel better about what you wear.

Vegan Clothing in the US

The good news is that many people are opting for vegan clothing, which means you can find several stylish clothing manufacturers. If a clothing manufacturer doesn’t specifically say that they offer vegan clothing, you can always refer to the materials used in their clothing. 

Look for clothing made from linen, cotton, or hemp. You can also opt for synthetic materials, but remember that not all are good for the environment. This principle applies if your overall goal is to wear cruelty-free clothing that is also good for the world. 

Research More Private Label Ethical Production Processes With Organic Apparel

Are you ready to manufacture organic clothing lines? Organic Apparel can assist with your vegan clothing brand to help you find appropriate raw materials. 

If you’d like more information on vegan clothing manufacturers in the US, contact us. We can help you find what you need.

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